Just When I Thought Week Three Couldn’t Get Any Worse…..

One of my dear friends ended up at Good Sam Hospital and I went over to visit her.  I decided to take Murphy on a little “Road Trip” with me.  Since it was cool and overcast that morning, I thought I could just park underneath a tree and he would be fine.  When I arrived at the parking lot, I found the perfect spot, set the windows to the perfect height for him and exited the car.  As I was getting out, Murphy jumped in my lap and out the door he went, headed straight for National Avenue!  OMG!!!  He was at a full gallop.  Just having recovered form a broken foot myself, I could only “trot” after him.  I saw him take a right onto National Ave., and head straight out to Bascom, where traffic is heavy and I knew he would be hit.  At that moment, I looked up at the Heavens and prayed to God to not let that happen to him.  That sneaky Lab was baiting me as I saw him turn and look at me several times.  I was screaming at the top of my lungs for him to come back, to no avail.  He was a runner…and Houdini was quickly outpacing me.  Right before Bascom, he made another quick right and ran into a medical complex.  I was closing in on him, but his Lab ears were on “select” mode.  When I caught up to him, I leashed him, and quickly had to decide whether or not to punish him.  He had to know he did wrong, but I wanted to tread lightly since I knew he had been mistreated.  I opted for the silent treatment because I was pretty mad at him.  I returned 10 miles (it seemed) to the car and put him inside and proceeded to the lobby where one of my friends was waiting for me.  I was so out of breath, sweating, huffing, puffing, ready for an asthmatic event and told her what had happened.  She has an older yellow Lab too, named Buddha.  At that moment, I had wished Murphy channeled his inner Buddha, but NOOOOOOOO.  We stayed downstairs for about 5 minutes so I could calm down and catch my breath.  Bad Dog, no Biscuit.  Some more highlights from Week 3….

Ran away again at home.

Ate another screen.

Ran away to my neighbor’s house.

Jumped in the security officer’s truck, uninvited of course.

Ate his food in 2 minutes, had to switch his bowl to a cupcake pan to slow down his eating.>

Lifted his leg and peed on the other one, this is a daily event now.

Lifted his leg, starting pee’ing and kept walking while mid-stream.  This too, is a daily event.  How do I deal with THAT one. 

Fell out of my golf cart.

Pooped in the street…AGAIN.

Slimed Mom’s wooden floors.


Now with all that said, Murphy is a really really good dog (sometimes).  He is loving, gentle, and only wants loves.  His coat is like silk now.  When he comes over and puts his head in my lap, all is forgiven.  All the ills of the day are washed away.  He gets to start out each day with a clean slate.  OK, slate wiped clean…stand by for Week Four.





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