Week Three

OMG…..I am living with Marley!  You will never believe what he did!  I was out walking him in the gated community where I live.  Lots of people drive around in golf carts.  One of my neighbors approached me in his golf cart to see my new dog.  Of course, the Unsub immediately jumped into his golf cart.  Murphy LOVES golf carts and will jump into anyone’s cart, parked, moving, he doesn’t care.  Well, my neighbor (not the cinnamon roll neighbor) and I were chatting it up about Murphy.  I saw that Murphy was lapping up something out of a cup in his golf cart.  I thought it was just water.   NOOOOOOOOOOO.  I saw my neighbor take his cup out and wipe the rim off and put the cup back. Thinking that was a little odd for him to maybe continue drinking out of a cup that Murphy had been drinking out of, it dawned on me that something else was in that cup. I asked him what was in the cup and he looked downcast. Not wanting to be caught drinking and driving his golf cart around, he eventually shared with me that it was a rather large gin and tonic! And Murphy had lapped up about 1/2 of it. Not only do I have an Unsub, but a sociopathic alcoholic Unsub. Now don’t worry, nothing happened to the Murph. He went home and slept it off!


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