Week One

Wow….what a week we had!  On Day 2, Murphy ran through my patio door screen, making an automatic dog dog for himself.  He was out on the patio with me when the doorbell rang.  I closed the screen and apparently, he didn’t like that, so he ran right through and over to the door.  Gee, thanks Murphy.  The next day I came home and he had chewed up the other screen.  OK, now I am up to around $150 dollars.  Oh, and thanks for peeing in the house too, Murphy, really appreciated that as well. 


Murphy was found wandering the streets and was picked up by a Veterinarian who saw him.  So he has a bit of the wanderlust in him.  That didn’t stop at adoption either.  So far, he has run away every day this week.  Fortunately, he only got to the bottom of the street before I caught him.  The funny thing is that right before he runs off, he turns around and sees if I am watching (which of course I am).  If he could have stuck his tongue and and said…”Na na na na na na”, he would have.  God give me strength!  Well, it can’t get any worse, right?


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