Murphy and Me

In creating this blog, I wanted to share the ending story of my beloved black Lab, Macy, and the beginning story of my new Lab, Murphy.  Macy passed away in March 2012.  It left a bone-shaped hole in my heart the size of Kansas that has never quite left me. 

Macy was a resuce Lab from Monterey County, CA.  I adopted her when she was 7 years old.  Never having had a rescue Lab before, I quickly found out that I had my hands full when on Day 3, she started trying to “eat” other dogs.  I had a full-blown Cujo on my hands and had no idea of how to allow her to gracefully share the air space with other dogs.  So after mulitple bogey attacks on other dogs, I turned to my hero, Cesar Milan, to help me.  Don’t go getting ideas that I know Cesar, but his DVD series was invaluable.  After having attacked a dog in the local dog park for the last time, I went home and just about memorized his 5 DVD series and went to work as one of Cesar’s “Pack Leaders”.  Well, I couldn’t quite do it in 3 minutes, like Cesar, but with dogged determination (pun intended), and 1 1/2 years later, I had a new rehabilitated Lab.  It’s like a light bulb went on in her brain and she was the Lab she was born to be!  Every time that Macy hit the door, she was in training. 


It paid off in spades when she was invited to be a therapy dog at the counseling office I worked at.  Well, when my boss first mentioned it to me, I was not really sure that this would work, given her history, but she had always been very gentle with humans, and any animals except other dogs.  I brought her to the office and she did a couple of cracker dogs laps around the office, checked out the garbage cans, then ran into my boss’ office, grabbed an empty Starbuck’s container from her trash can, and ran into the client waiting area.  I didn’t think this would work, but eventually she settled in after a couple of weeks of my clients being very patient with her. 


One evening, she was ready to meet her first set of clients, two young sisters whose parents were going through a divorce.  When the first young girl came into my office, Macy stayed behind my chair.  The young girl went over to my couch and was softly sobbing.  I saw a black form commando crawling across my floor, who slowly crept up onto the couch, leaned into the small girl, gave her a little lick on her cheek, and plopped into her lap!  I was astonished.  I couldn’t have trained her to do any better.  Well, the little girl grabbed Macy, told her “I love you”, and told Macy (not me) all that troubles that were going on for her.  When her sister came in an hour later, Macy repeated the same moves, commando across the floor, onto the couch, leaning in, a little lick on the cheek, and viola, I knew I had a jewel in the rough, a therapy dog to help young children endure the pain of divorce with her unconditional love and non-judgmental ears!  Macy, was my new co-therapist, only she had four legs and a wet nose.


More to follow………….


7 thoughts on “Murphy and Me

  1. Murphy is so photogenic !!!
    And you have such a style !!!
    He’s so handsome
    And you’re so pretty

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