It’s Just Goodbye For Now, My Handsome Boy…


On a cold and overcast drizzly day

God came for Him.

He was ready, I was not, nor would I ever be.

We were rushing him to the Vet…

Comforting Him all the way.

He knew.

I knew.

His eyes said, “It’s ok, it’s my time Mom”.

He told me this several times.

He was slipping away, fast.

A wave of utter devastation enveloped me.

God’s warm embrace enveloped Him.

As He lay there, He was ready to go.

I wanted him to stay, just for me.

But I knew that God had called his Loving Buddy home…for the last time…a last look…a last breath.

As I cradled Murphy in my arms, I felt God take him lovingly into His.

I don’t know what I will do without you Papa.  I loved you so very much Murphy.

Go find Grandpa, and Macy, and Heidi and Seamus.  They’ll know what to do.

Daisy will meet you at the front gate to check you in…”Murphy, Handomest Yellow Lab Ever, Best Boy Ever, Check!”

They will show you where the absolute softest clouds to sleep on are, where the bluest most beautiful lakes to swim in are, and where the tastiest bags of kibble  are, and where your own private stash of unlimited bacon treats exists.

I knew when I adopted you, our time would be shortened.  But if quality counted as years, you lived to be a thousand.

Thanks for that Murphy.

Today, the world is just a little less wonderful without you in it.  Another bone-shaped hole has formed in my heart.

Hold the fort down up there Murphy and don’t let Daisy boss you around. 

I will see you at the Bridge someday Murphy.


With Infinity Loves,




P.S.  No swangling in Heaven!


Murphy Has Vestibular Syndrome




Hi Everyone!

I got sick again and scared Mom to death!  I have something called Vestibular Syndrome.  Here’s what happened to me…Mom took me to the Vet last Friday for an eye infection.  After getting that treated, we came home and went for a nice walk to the Park.  While there, I seemed to have lost some of my back leg control and started to walk sideways.  This scared Mom and lasted about two minutes.  She thought I had a pinched nerve and I was just fine later.  That same thing happened about 3-4 times over the next several days.  Then on Wednesday afternoon, I started falling down a lot.  Sissy called Mom who came right home and took me back to Dr. Atwal.  Mom was so scared and thought I was having a stroke.  We waited for what seemed an eternity for Mom, then Dr. Atwal came out and carried me into the clinic, as I was having a real hard time walking.  Mom was beside herself, but tried to be brave for me.  All my aunties started calling Mom for support.  I was not happy to be back at the clinic, believe me, but knew I had to be there.  What is it about the pet clinic anyway.  Well, that’s another story for later.  So Dr. Atwal was doing many tests, poking, prodding, kneading, pinching, tweezing, listening, observing, then I was taken back to the “back area” again for some Xrays.  A while later, I was brought back to Mom, reunited, and happy to be out of “Area 51”.  Dr. Atwal immediately reassured Mom that I was going to be OK but had something called Blah, Blah, Blah.  I could tell Mom had been crying and saw Auntie Alexis sitting there!  Yeah, where is Buddha?  Is it time for dinner or treats?  Are we doing a Parade of Fools?  Guess not.  So I stood there while Dr. Atwal, who Mom refers fondly to as Dr. Doolittle, explained my condition to her.  So I am having difficulty walking and standing, fall down, have eye nystagmus, tilted head, walk in circles, and am a bit confused as to what is happening.  It is something that happens in dogs, and in elder dogs?  Am I an elder dog?  Gosh, I feel like I am 2 years old.  Mom calls me her Senior Man, her old Man, or Pappa.  Sometimes she calls me her “Old Man of the Sea”, whatever that is.  Mom, my name is Murphy!   Well, Dr. Atwal, gave me some anti-inflammatory meds, with some anti-nausea pills too, as sometimes this syndrome can cause vomiting, which is something I do NOT want to do.  Barf!  The good news here is that this will resolve itself within 2 days to 3 weeks with not much treatment.  Dr. Atwal did discover some bone spurs on my spine with some arthritis which he is treating too.  But I should be back to my old self in a couple of weeks.  Mom stayed home today to baby me, which I love of course.  I will milk this as long as possible.  I gave Mom a huge scare.  I heard Dr. Atwal say that many dog owners bring their dogs in with the same syndrome, thinking their dog has stroked out or is dying and want to euthanize!  YIKES!!!!!   That is a permanent decision for sure.  Mom learned a lot about this and is going to be very patient and loving as I recover.  Oh yeah, no stairs for me now either.  Sissy said she will carry me up and down the stairs each night and morning to place me in Mom’s bed.  Boy am I going to milk this!!


Got Milk?


Monsters, Inc.




Well, well, well…what have the two monsters been up to lately?

-Duke broke Gigi’s Garden Gnome. (I would have preferred he just pee’d on it instead).
-Murphy tried to escape from Gigi’s porch and got stuck under the fence…really Murphy?
-Duke pooped on top of a rock in front of everyone at the park…really Duke?
-Murphy jacked two of Duke’s dinners.
-Murphy pooped in the middle of the street 7 times last week…That’s really ghetto Murphy.
-Murphy tried to jack Sissy’s hamburger right off her plate.
-Duke just sat there and watched.
-Murphy and Duke played with Pebbles at the park. Very cute.
-Murphy refused to enter the Vet’s office and Mom literally had to push his fanny through the door and slide him across the floor….again…really?
-Murphy and Duke ran out of the car at the park, across the street onto a neighbor’s lawn, causing a fracas with another dog who had also escaped onto the same lawn. That neighbor called another neighbor a “crabby ass”, causing more of a fracas, while Murphy tried to continue to run around their car, while Mom was trying to let the husband know she wasn’t the “crabby ass” in question… all the while trying to catch Murphy and Duke. Bad dogs, no biscuits.

Couch Potato

Hello to all my friends!


Are you able to tell me what is missing from this photograph?  Looks like a couch cushion is MIA?  Murphy…would you like to shed any light on this?  So you think you can throw up on the couch, then lie on it afterwards?  REALLY?

Happy New Year and here are some of Murphy’s Happy New Year Highlights:

Pooped on a neighbor’s Christmas tree (don’t ask).

Threw up on the couch.

Threw up on his bed.

Sat on Duke.

Sat on Duke again.

Sat on Sissy.

Pooped in the street, again, again, and again.  Regressive behavior!

Knocked over Mom’s Poinsettia plant, depotting it in the process, leaving dirt all over the new carpet. 😦

Broke Grandpa’s Marine Nutcracker in three places.  😦

Barked at the family throughout Xmas dinner.

Slurped water out of the bucket all over the new floor, again, and again, and again.  Swiffers are irrelevant.

Almost cut himself in two with his own leash!  (don’t ask, you won’t believe the answer).  Just remember what he did to my finger last year while we were in the golf cart…hint…it involved the same leash and a trip to the hospital for me!


Really Murphy?




Holiday Highlights

Murphy shaming!

Murphy shaming!

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to announce that Murphy is FINALLY starting to feel better.  He has almost normal poops again, is eating and drinking lots of water and getting into trouble again.  He does sleep a lot, but some of that is that he is the Old Man of the Sea, and some is the lingering effects of the chemo.  His stamina has definately been affected but little by little, he is coming back around.  Let’s see what Murphy has been up to, shall we?

Shredded Uncle Mike’s Xmas present.

Did a travel poo into the house.  Really Murphy?  (All was forgiven due to the chemo though).

Threw up on the couch.

Threw up on the floor.

Snuck up onto the bed.

Pooped in the new neighbor’s front yard…10 times so far.

Peed in their front yard too…too many times to count.

Met Whitney the Pit Bull.

Met Shelby the Pit Bull.

Met Dozer the Pit Bull…ignored them all.

Barked with Duke non-stop one day.

Watched Mom shower…pervo.

Sat on Duke, made him squeal.

Ate old jelly bellies off the floor.

Lifted his leg, peed on the other one. (This is an on-going problem)

Passed lots of gas.

Snored so loud, woke up Mom.

Ate an entire bag of Brownie Bites from Costco.

Broke past his doggie jail (gate) countless times.  Do not pass go or collect $200.



Do Not…..Go In There!

How many poop bags does it take?

How many poop bags does it take?

Ace Ventura would be proud of you Murphy!

Hello to all my arfie friends and everyone else who follows the blog.  If you follow the blog, you are obviously a dog lover, and therefore, my friend.

I want to give a big shout out to Michele, Alexis, Anne, Adam, Noel, and Betty.  You too Phil!  You all know how wonderful you are to have stepped in and helped take care of Murphy and Duke.  I am forever grateful and Karma will come back around to each of you with wonderful blessings.  I simply cannot thank you enough!

Murphy finished his second round of chemo and things went different this time.  Dr. Atwal front loaded the chemo with an anti-nausea which kept him from vomiting.  Four days later, he became very lethargic again, stopped eating, and had over-the-top explosive chemo diarrhea.  The poor guy was so sick.  One night, he just lied in bed and cried all night. Have you ever lied in bed and held your dog all night when he was crying?   That was it.  No more chemo.  I decided that Murphy’s quality of life is so much more important.  He is suffering so much having chemo.  Dr. Atwal was in full support of my decision.  I hope I have made the right decision and still struggle with it and the feelings of guilt and whether or not I am doing the right thing.  The right thing is for Murphy to have a good quality of life and that is so important to me.  I want my Murphy back.  He is finally starting to feel better the last couple of days.  Dr. Atwal will continue to follow him monthly.  I will keep you all posted. 

Hey Mitch…Murph and Duke want to know what happened to the front door?

Chemo Sabe and the Lone Ranger

The Dastardly Duo!

The Dastardly Duo!

Thank you so very much for following Murphy, and his journey with chemo. Round two of chemo was supposed to start today. I took Murphy in early this morning for his labs (pun intended). Dr. Atwal decided that since he got so sick last time from the first round of chemo, that he would wait until the bone marrow panel came back, so most likely he will get chemo tomorrow instead. Duke, the Lone Ranger, sat in the car barking his fool head off while Murph got his blood draw. I could hear him barking from inside the Vet’s office! I turned around and saw him bouncing up and down the rear hatch window trying to get my attention, which he did. So I brought him inside so he could supervise Dr. Atwal. Really Duke?

Honestly, part of me was so happy that I get my happy Lab for one more day. He has had such a great last week. I hate to put him through this again and really struggle with the fact that it is me deciding to prolong his life and by doing so, I must put him in harm’s way with the chemo.

Please keep Murphy in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow. He loves all of you so much!